charms, charming, charmed
1) N-VAR Charm is the quality of being pleasant or attractive.

`Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', the 1937 Disney classic, has lost none of its original charm...

The house had its charms, not the least of which was the furniture that came with it.

2) N-UNCOUNT Someone who has charm behaves in a friendly, pleasant way that makes people like them.

He was a man of great charm and distinction.

3) VERB If you charm someone, you please them, especially by using your charm.

[V n] He even charmed Mrs Prichard, carrying her shopping and flirting with her, though she's 83...

[V n] The Indians, in turn, were charmed by the famous author's cultured and civilised outlook...

[V n into -ing] You can't force - or even charm - him into behaving differently if he doesn't want to.

4) VERB If you charm your way into or out of a place or situation, you use your charm to get into or out of that place or situation.

[V way prep] ...charming his way into the British Embassy in Teheran...

[V way prep] He charmed his way out of trouble.

5) VERB (disapproval) If you say that someone charmed something out of you or from you, you mean that they used their charm to persuade you to give it to them.

[V n from/out of n] He is good at charming money out of companies.

6) N-COUNT A charm is a small ornament that is fixed to a bracelet or necklace.
7) N-COUNT A charm is an act, saying, or object that is believed to have magic powers.

They cross their fingers and spit over their shoulders as charms against the evil eye.

...a good luck charm.

8) PHRASE: V inflects (disapproval) If someone turns on the charm, they behave in a way that seems very friendly but which you think is insincere, often in order to obtain something or deceive someone.

He figured out that you're lonely, like most widows, and he turned on the charm.

9) PHRASE: V inflects If you say that something worked like a charm, you mean that it was very effective or successful.

Economically, the policy worked like a charm.

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